Tori Foster is a media artist whose work centers on emergent behaviour and the urban landscape. Heavily process oriented, very little of Foster's work is a direct representation of captured environs. Rather, captured imagery is treated as data, subjected to a series of actions, and re-presented to expose alternate information inherent to, but not visible in, the original dataset. Foster is the recipient of dozens of awards, grants, and commissions and has shown work in 16 countries world-wide, including Germany, India, Korea, Australia, Brazil, and America.

Recent and current projects include: Primaries, photographic archetypes of urban, suburban, and rural trees in North America; Cadence, a kinetic installation illustrating the emergent behaviour of vehicles in motion, and Robotic Herd, a community of autonomous robots that migrate across a gallery space for which Foster was awarded a New Media Research and Production grant from the Canada Council for the Arts in 2016. Foster is former Assistant Professor and Head of Video/Digital Art at California State University, Northridge, and is currently represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto, Canada.